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Hi, I'm Danny Chavis, Manger for an anointed group of people who've been called by God to spread the word through song. They are, The Singing Revelations, with a style all their own, God is using them to reach people of all ages. And for thirty years now, they have been traveling to Churches, High Schools and Auditoriums, heeding the call to build the kingdom of God . The Lord has united four individuals as one, for the purpose of singing the good news of the gospel. May I take a moment and introduce to you each of these very unique and talented individuals who have the desire to see lives changed and souls saved through the power of God's word in song. Virginia Lowery is the lead singer and M.C. for the group. She is one of the greatest lead singers I have ever had the opportunity to work with. She loves the Lord and loves to let him work through her as she sings. Lib and Gerald Lowery use their harmony to help blend every thing together, true, dedicated Christians, and two of the nicest people you will ever meet.